On Demand Material

WORKSHOP 1 || New foods – new allergens?
Food system transformation – implications for NCD’s including allergic diseases, Ben Remington
Allergenicity assessment of novel food proteins, Antonio Fernandez-Dumont
What are the risks of new foods to allergic patients?, Kitty Verhoekcx
WORKSHOP 2 || Socioeconomic impact of food allergy
The psycho-social dimension of food allergy, Audrey Dunn Galvin
The economic costs of food allergy, Karin Lødrup Carlsen
The European patient perspective on socioeconomic cost of food allergy, Sofia Romagosa
WORKSHOP 3 || Helping patients manage their food allergies
Adult food allergy an increasingly recognized challenge, Barbara Ballmer-Weber
Supporting adolescents at risk of anaphylaxis, Graham Roberts
The nutritional consequences of food allergy, Rosan Meyer
WORKSHOP 4 || eHealth and personal testing in food allergy
The impact of eHealth in allergy diagnosis, Stephanie Dramburg
The pitfalls of food testing and electronic allergen information provision, Michael Walker
Social media and patient education in food allergy, Alberto Alvarez-Perea
WORKSHOP 5 || Practical implementation of EAACI prevention guidelines
Prevention guidelines – an overview, Susanne Halken
Implementation of the guidelines – clinical implications, Tom Marrs
The dieticians perspective on implementing the guidelines, Mary Feeney
WORKSHOP 6 || Practical aspects of diagnosing patients PART 1
The patients view point on getting a good diagnosis, Jennifer Gerdts
Collecting the right clinical information – the adult perspective, Angela Simpson
Collecting the right clinical information – the pediatric perspective, Philippe Eigenmann
WORKSHOP 6 || Practical aspects of diagnosing patients PART 2
Oral food challenges – what to consider from a clinical view point, Katharina Blümchen
Oral food challenges – the dieticians perspective, Carina Venter
Dietary advice for individuals with food allergy, Alice Toniolo
WORKSHOP 7 || Public health and the economics of food allergy
A public health perspective on the economic cost of food allergy, Ruchi Gupta
The costs of managing food allergy in the clinic, Matthew Greenhawt
Diagnosis and therapy – the economic burden from the patient view point, Jennifer Protudjer
YEAR IN REVIEW 1 || Clinical Science
Developments in Diagnosis and their impact on Management of Food Allergy, Philippe Eigenmann
Nutrition and the Prevention of Food Allergy – what’s new and does it work?, Kirsten Perrett
Pros and Cons Therapies for food allergy, Marta Krawiec
YEAR IN REVIEW 2 || Basic Science
Molecules in food allergy, Karin Hoffmann-Sommergruber
Microbes and immunity in the development of food allergy, Rodrigo Jiménez-Saiz
Immune processes in IgE and non-IgE mediated food allergy, Cecilia Berin
SYMPOSIUM 9 || Revisiting the prevention of food allergy
Novel strategies to prevent food allergy, Kirsten Perrett
Can PUFAs prevent development of food allergy?, Linette Willemsen
SYMPOSIUM 10 || Anaphylaxis
Patterns of anaphylaxis – lessons from NORA and other registries, Margitta Worm
The role of the barrier in anaphylaxis, Simon Hogan
Anaphylaxis: how to treat it?, Cherry Alviani

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