EUROBAT Abstracts

BREAK 1 / Friday 16 October 2020 / 09:15-09:30
Basophil activation test (EUROBAT)
EPS01 Basophil activation marker selection, CD63 or CD203c, improves sensitivity of basophil activation test depending on the clinical entity in immediate allergic reactions to betalactams. Ruben Fernandez-Santamaria
EPS02 Limitations in routine use of the basophil activation test in the diagnosis of immediate hypersensitivity reactions to iodinated contrast media: a case report Irene Ridolfi
EPS03 Assessment of homologous phospholipases (Polistes and bee venom PLA2) and hyaluronidases (Pol d 2, Api m 2, Ves v 2b) in patients with bee and yellow jacket venom allergy by basophil activation testing Sebastian Waldherr
EPS04 Hymenoptera venom allergy: Basophil activation tests (BATs) with whole venom extracts and single components (Api m1, Api m10, Ves v1, Ves v5) in double-sensitized patients Paul Schmidle
EPS06 A novel activation marker in basophils cascade Gabriele Rumi
EPS07 Basophils in cancer: Propensity for activation, prognostic value and applying the BAT to monitor for hypersensitivity of novel therapeutics Heather J Bax
BREAK 2 / FRIDAY 16 OCTOBER 2020 / 10:45-11:00
Basophil activation test (EUROBAT)
EPS08 Basophil activation test in infants and children under 2 years at risk of peanut allergy Hannah Jaumdally
EPS09 Basophil activation tests identify a peanut-OIT subgroup with improved safety and outcomes R. Sharon Chinthrajah
EPS10 Is the basophil activation test predictive of successful peanut oral immunotherapy in children? (Preliminary results) Marie Moyart
EPS11 The Basophil Activation Test could be of value for diagnosing systemic reaction in LTP allergy patients Francisca Gomez
EPS12 Exploratory Ex-Vivo study of VLP peanut in peanut allergic subjects Mohamed Shamji
EPS13 Use of molecular allergens in basophils activation test Tomas Vlas

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