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FAAM-EUROBAT Digital 2020 registration is now closed.


Registration Categories Price
General Delegate EUR 175
EAACI Members (*) EUR 90
EAACI Junior Members (**) EUR 50
Nurses, Students, Laboratory technicians, Dieticians (***) EUR 50

*Only EAACI Members who have paid the full amount of their 2020 membership fee are entitled to this reduced rate. To benefit from the reduced EAACI Member rates, please ensure your 2020 membership fee is paid prior to registration and indicate your membership number in the online registration. If you are not yet an EAACI Member but would like to join, please fill out the application form here.
**Only registered EAACI Junior Members are entitled to this reduced fee.
***Nurse, dietician, laboratory technician statuses must be certified by a Head of Hospital / Department and must be submitted with registration. Pre-registration is required. PhD students, MD students or fellows in training are eligible for the student fee until the age of 35. Student status must be proven by a student ID or certified by a Head of Department and a copy of an ID card or passport must be submitted with the registration.

****If you want to register for FAAM-EUROBAT Digital 2020 using credits from your voucher please get in touch with prior to registration. Our team will get in touch within up to 5 working days.

Download here the FAAM-EUROBAT Digital 2020 Registration Terms and Conditions.
Download here the FAAM-EUROBAT Digital 2020 Privacy Notice.

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