The academy has established the EAACI Sections on Basic & Clinical Immunology, Asthma, Pediatric, Dermatology and ENT. The sections are represented in the Executive Committee by their chairs and have the opportunity to propose task forces as well as joint sessions with appropriate specialised societies. Every 2 years, new board members, chair and secretary and ExCom members are elected.

Basic and Clinical Immunology

Board 2022-2024

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      Milena Sokolowska
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      Eva Untersmayr-Elsenhuber
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      Inge Kortekaas Krohn

Board members

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      Cristina Gomez-Casado
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      Alexandra Santos
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      Cristobalina Mayorga
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      Matthew Burgess
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      Marina Perez-Gordo
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      Rubén Fernández-Santamaría

Interview with Jürgen Schwarze, Edinburgh University

Jürgen Schwarze explains how and which viral infections
“Severe respiratory viral infections, in early-life (…), convey a much higher risk of developing asthma.”

Working Groups

  • AllergoOncology

    The WG for AllergoOncology is a hard-working group of enthusiastic academic and clinical experts in both, allergy and cancer with an innovative interdisciplinary agenda, driving novel ideas that link Allergy with several disciplines, for the benefit of patients and overall contributing to the research and translational aspirations and originality of EAACI.

  • Immunodeficiencies

  • Immunodulation & Nutrition

    The aims of this group are to bring together the expertise of dieticians, clinicians, scientists and researchers across multiple disciplines including allergy, nutrition, immunology, genetics