Working Groups

The EAACI Working Groups are established as part of the Interest Groups or Sections. Each chair of the Working Group sits automatically as an additional board member in their respective Interest Group or Section board. The EAACI Working Groups represent relevant and growing scientific areas for the academy and have a clear link or common interest to their Interest Group or Sections.


Board 2024-2026

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    Joana Vitte
    WG Chair
  • Giuseppe Murdaca
    WG Secretary
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    Juan López-Rodríguez
    Board Member
  • Esra Yucel
    Board Member
  • George Kamkamidze
    Board Member

The Aim of the working group: Bridging the Gap Between Infections and Allergic Diseases

The primary goal of the WG on Infections is to identify the knowledge gaps and provide updated information on the complex interplay between infections and allergic diseases. By exploring the molecular mechanisms and immune responses triggered by pathogens, we aim to pave the way for innovative diagnostic tools, preventative strategies, and more personalized management of infections and the allergic diseases.


Task Forces

Within this dynamic group, several task forces have emerged, each with a unique mission:

1. Task Force on Conscious and Rational use of Antibiotics in Allergic Diseases: This task force is dedicated to promoting prudent antibiotic usage in the context of allergic diseases(tackling its overuse in allergic diseases but also the association with development of allergic diseases), with the ultimate aim of minimizing antibiotic resistance while optimizing healthoutcomes.

2. Task Force on Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis: Focused on unraveling the complexity of immune responses to Aspergillus species, this task force seeks to improve the diagnosis, management, and treatment of this challenging condition.

3. Task Force on Vaccinations in rheumatic diseases and PID: This task force focus on best vaccination strategies in patients with secondary and primary immunodeficiencies.


Collaborative Synergy

The members of the WG on Infections actively collaborate with other working groups within the EAACI as well as the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI), supporting interdisciplinary research. We share insights within many other task forces within EAACI.


Integral to EAACI Structures

This WG plays an integral role within the EAACI, actively participating in committees such as the Research and Outreach Committee and the Exam Committee. The WG’s active participation in the preparing, presenting and chairing of annual EAACI events (congress, winter school) ensures that the event showcases the latest breakthroughs in allergy researchand infections, providing a platform for global experts to exchange ideas and advance the field.


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Linking infections and immune responses
Hermelijn Smits