Poster Presenter Guidelines

If you have been selected to participate as a poster presenter in the EAACI Hybrid Congress 2023, here are some information to help you prepare your poster.

Thematic Poster Session

Your poster has been given a poster prefix. This poster number will be used to identify your printed poster in the Poster Area. Your poster board will be marked with this poster number.

  • Poster size: The maximum size of your poster should not exceed 84,1 cm (width) x 118,9 cm (height), portrait style. It is the presenter’s responsibility to print the poster.
  • We kindly ask you to put up your poster on the day of your Thematic Poster Session starting from 09:00 CET. Mounting material will be provided. At the end of your TPS day, make sure to remove all poster mounting material from the board. The organisers will remove posters not taken down by 17:00 CET of each day (16:30 for L-TPS 01 to L-TPS 12) and will not take any further responsibility for the material. 
  • The poster presenters will stand by their posters throughout the entire poster session and will be prepared to deliver a “two-minute take home message”.
  • The poster presenters are kindly asked to register their onsite presence by visiting the EAACI Campus for badge scanning on the day of their poster presentation.  
  • For instructions on how to resize your e-poster please see here.

The posters included in the Thematic Poster Sessions can also be found in the e-poster section of the digital platform as a digital poster. Your PDF will be made available on the digital congress platform, allowing the participants to view it during the whole event. Please find below in this webpage the guidelines for your e-poster upload. 

E-Thematic Poster Session Display Only 

The E-TPS Display Only will be available for Display on the Digital Platform of the EAACI Hybrid Congress 2023. Please find below in this webpage the guidelines for your e-poster upload. 

General procedure 

  • As a presenter in this EAACI Hybrid Congress, you will be asked to provide an e-poster of your research prior to the event taking place.
    Your e-poster will be placed on the e-poster section of the digital platform and will be available to the delegates during and after the event (depending on the consent given).
    The presenter will be able to answer to questions submitted by the delegates/chairs via the chat tool. In case a new question is submitted, the presenter will receive an email notification. 
  • You will be contacted with a designated link for upload of your poster by mid of May 2023. 
  • The e-poster authors are kindly asked to submit their e-poster on the platform, with no exception, by Thursday, 25 May 2023. 
  • After uploading your e-poster, you must receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact us at your earliest convenience at 
  • Please use your MyEAACI email address to register, log-in on our upload platform and other communication with EAACI 

How can I prepare my poster? 

  • Please follow these guidelines 
  • Prepare your 1-slide PowerPoint using this template and export it as a single-page PDF
  • Kindly note that company and trade names, trademark and copyright symbols and logos are not allowed in the posters 
  • Non-proprietary (generic) names of drug, written in lower case, are required the first time a drug is mentioned in the text
  • Respect author’s rights and anonymity. 

How can I upload my poster? 

  • Once you have prepared your poster, you can log-in on the platform 
  • On the platform, please submit your one-page PDF file following the on-screen instructions. You can then select interactive zones on your PDF. The viewers will be able to zoom these zones. 
  • During the upload phase, there will be a step where you will be able to write a disclosure of conflict of interest*. After the upload, a footer will be automatically created with your declaration. 
  • Please make sure to upload your poster before the deadline to ensure we can support you in case you encounter any technical issues. Additionally, our team will check the quality of your poster and contact you in case there is an issue with the upload. 

* A conflict of interest is any situation in which a speaker or immediate family members have interests, which may cause a conflict with the current presentation. Conflicts of interest do not preclude the delivery of the talk, but should be explicitly declared. These may include financial interests (e.g. owning stocks of a related company, having received honoraria, consultancy fees), research interests (research support by grants or otherwise), organizational interests and gifts. 

Copyright and content access 

In order to fulfil EAACI’s mission as a platform for scientific communication and education in the field of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, EAACI would like to make available all presenters’ contributions from the EAACI Hybrid Congress 2023 on the congress platform for 6 months and on the EAACI content platform for a period of 3 years. Nevertheless, it is the authors prerogative to grant EAACI authorization to use their presentation’s content after the congress. Consent will be asked upon submission to include your video recording (webcast), live streaming of your presentation, or poster presentation. 

Support contact 

Technical support will be pleased to help you :  

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