Interest Groups

The EAACI Interest Groups represent an area of more specific interest within allergology. Additionally, Interest Groups provide a focus for scientists and clinicians interested in particular aspects of allergic diseases. The Interest Group forms a focus for discussion at EAACI scientific meetings, provides input to the scientific programme, and can make proposals for the task forces. Every 2 years, new board members, chair and secretary and ExCom members will be elected.

Environmental & Occupational Allergy

Board 2022-2024

    • Hille Suojalehto
    • Marcela Valverde Monge
    • Mohamed Jeebhay
  • Board members
    • Paola Mason
    • Ilenia Folletti
    • Omur Aydin
    • Marta Wiszniewska
    • Irmeli Lindstrom
  • JM Representative
    • Magna Correia

Interview with Santiago Quirce, International Hospital La Paz

Santiago discusses the importance of occupational asthma

“Work aggravated asthma occurs in about 20% of patients with asthma”

Working Groups

  • Aerobiology and Pollution