Interest Groups

The EAACI Interest Groups represent an area of more specific interest within allergology. Additionally, Interest Groups provide a focus for scientists and clinicians interested in particular aspects of allergic diseases. The Interest Group forms a focus for discussion at EAACI scientific meetings, provides input to the scientific programme, and can make proposals for the task forces. Every 2 years, new board members, chair and secretary and ExCom members will be elected.

Allergy Diagnosis & Systems Medicine

Board 2022-2024

  • Board 2022-2024
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      Christiane Hilger
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      Alma Villasenor Solis
  • Board members
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      Stephanie Dramburg-Hofmaier
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      Simon Blank
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      Anastasios Constantinopoulos
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      Annette Kuehn
    • Luisa Brussino
  • JM Representative
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      Riccardo Castagnoli

Working Groups

  • Comparative Veterinary Allergology

  • Genomic and Proteomics