Abstract Topics

All abstracts will be listed on the EAACI website before the Congress 2024. Eligible presented abstract texts will be published on the EAACI platforms and in the official EAACI Journal Allergy after the congress:

o Aerobiology and pollution
o Allergen immunotherapy
o AllergoOncology
o Allergy asthma and a sport
o Allergy diagnosis
o Allied health and primary care
o Anaphylaxis
o Artificial Intelligence
o Asthma
o Basic immunology
o Biologicals
o Biomarkers
o Comparative veterinary allergology
o Dermatology
o Drug allergy
o Environmental allergy and climate change
o Eosinophilic esophagitis
o Epidemiology
o Epithelial cell biology
o Food allergy
o Genomics and proteomics
o Immune deficiencies and autoimmunity
o Immunomodulation and nutrition
o Infections
o Insect venom hypersensitivities
o Mastocytosis and mast cells
o Microbiome
o Occupational allergy
o Ocular allergy
o One Health
o Pediatrics
o Prevention
o Systems medicine

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