EAACI Industry Guidelines, Rules and Regulations

EAACI Guidelines, Rules and Regulations aim to guide professionals through the necessary steps that will confirm a sponsors participation at EAACI Congress and events. The documents on this platform allow you to concentrate on specific areas of interest to your organisation. Please read these documents carefully and share it with the relevant colleagues and agencies involved in the organisation of your Congress and event activities.

International congresses and symposia are both important and highly visible scientific meetings. They have developed from relatively small meetings into, in some cases, large international events with thousands of participants. They are important events for the presentation and exchange of up-to-date scientific data and bring together specialists from many countries for the exchange of information and experience that could not be achieved by correspondence. They also create the opportunity for companies involved in the health care industry to interact face-to-face with health care professionals. Without the partnership of the pharmaceutical and medical equipment industry such congresses and symposia would often be scientifically less successful and difficult to manage financially. The cooperation of companies active in the field is therefore welcomed by those involved in the management of scientific meetings. Health care is mostly provided by the public hand and is more and more carefully observed by the public eye. It is essential that the inter-relationship between science and commerce at these events is sensibly balanced and needs to be professionally managed by all parties and fully transparent to the public. The responsibility lies with all involved parties. For these reasons, the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) has developed the “EAACI Guidelines for Industry Participation” which governs the relationship between the organisers of EAACI`s congresses and the involved industry representatives in the preparation of, during and after each of its congress and events. It is important that the pharmaceutical and medical devices companies participating in all EAACI congress and events and any other international scientific meetings under the jurisdiction of EAACI understand that the objective of such manifestations is to advance and enhance science in the field of Allergy and Immunology. Consequently, commercial activities must not exceed what is deemed acceptable.


For more information, click the below links. More specific guidelines pertaining only to a congress and/or event are available on the ESOP (must be a registered EAACI sponsor to access the contents).