EAACI Founder Sponsor

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Founder Sponsorship Concept

Each Founder Sponsor will opt for a Founder Sponsor package for the duration of a Contract period (2 or 3 years) with an annual fee due beginning of the year.

Founder Sponsor packages can be of 3 different levels:

  1. Platinum package
  2. Gold package
  3. Silver package

The Founder Sponsor package is dynamic where the annual yearly fee can be used towards an items selected from the official EAACI Sponsor Online Platform (ESOP).


Founder Sponsor Privileges

Founder Sponsors general privileges

  • Founder Sponsors are invited to meet with EAACI Board of Officers (BoO) to provide feedback on EAACI strategic direction
  • Founder Sponsors are invited to provide feedback throughout the selection of future Congress locations and venues (i.e. surveys and forums)
  • Founder Sponsors will be informed about organisational aspects of the Congress and have an opportunity to make suggestions
  • Representatives of each Founder Sponsor are invited to participate in a site visit (only for physical or hybrid Congresses), organised by EAACI either digitally or physically, the preceding year at the planned Congress location in order to address practical issues related to the Congress
  • Representatives of the Founder Sponsors are invited twice a year to meet as a group with the leaders of EAACI, including the EAACI BoO, as well as the Scientific Programme Committee (SPC). This meeting will take place virtually or physically (upon EAACI’s sole decision) and will be organised by EAACI Headquarters
  • Discounts on various sponsor items
  • Acknowledgement as Founder Sponsors in various publications and websites
  • Regular conference calls with EAACI Headquarters and its Professional Congress Organisers (PCO)


Depending on the various level of Founder Sponsor, other privileges are possible additionally:

  • Annual congress booth and Industry symposium priority
  • Annual congress priority booking of hotel rooms
  • Priority access to EAACI Focused Meetings
  • Discounts on Industry Satellite Symposia
  • Priority and complimentary advertisements in some EAACI publications
  • Complimentary registrations to selected EAACI congress and events
  • Invitations to important annual congress social events (Presidential and Executive Committee dinners)


The current list of EAACI Founder Sponsors can be accessed here on the EAACI.org website.