Dear Friends, Colleagues,

We very much look forward to hosting the EAACI Congress 2017, from 17 – 21 June, and to wishing you a warm welcome to Finland and the beautiful city of Helsinki.

The theme for the Helsinki Congress is “On the road to prevention and healthy living”. A unifying theme for EAACI, this represents the next step in making our patients’ lives healthy, despite their allergies. With more than half of all Europeans soon expected to suffer from allergy, ensuring our patients have a better quality of life, despite the allergy epidemic, is an obvious goal for EAACI. It is also a theme in the true Finnish Allergy Programme spirit: wishing good life for all people.

The EAACI Congress 2017 is to be held in the Messukeskus Congress Center, which is easily reached from the city centre in just 5 minutes by train. This recently renovated venue offers the highest standards in conference facilities, with well-equipped and easy-to-find session rooms and a full digital environment.

Helsinki itself is a modern city with all its attractions and services within walking distance. It has excellent hotels and restaurants for all budgets, monuments, parks, shopping, market squares and other places to visit, as well as the sea with picturesque boat rides in the Helsinki archipelago, a lively nightlife and even free bicycles provided by the city. Helsinki manages to combine big city life with the green and beautiful countryside in which it resides. With something for all tastes, Helsinki is a unique Nordic experience.

Welcome to Helsinki!

Antti Lauerma
EAACI Congress 2017 Chair

Antti Lauerma eaaci cogress 2017Dear EAACI friends,

On behalf of the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology it is my great pleasure to invite you to Helsinki for the EAACI Congress 2017.

Helsinki promises to be a wonderful Congress venue and offers an excellent opportunity for us to investigate, at close hand, the Finnish National Programme for Allergy – a programme which is becoming a model for other EU countries to follow.

Allergic diseases can be better managed with early diagnosis, and an awareness of allergy symptoms is crucial to this aim. Recognition of the value of the allergy specialty and national policies for the education of health professionals at all levels are essential to achieve progress in this area and to promote an effective understanding and awareness of allergic symptoms. We all have much to learn from the Finnish model.

For many of you, this will be one of many similar conferences you have attended; for others, it will be the first. For all of us, the city of Helsinki and the friendly and open Nordic approach of its people will be the perfect context for our Congress, for sharing and discussing high level science, and translating that science into concrete initiatives for the benefit of allergy sufferers in Europe and across the world.

I do hope that you will be able to join us at the EAACI Congress 2017 in Helsinki and I look forward to seeing you there.

Antonella Muraro
EAACI President

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