Scientific Programme

Seventy participants will be selected and invited to register for the Winter School and to present their work based on the scientific quality of their submitted abstracts. The well-established and interactive structure of the programme includes six keynote lectures, each of them followed by thematically grouped oral presentations by participants, selected according to the high quality of their submitted abstracts. All other abstracts will be presented during two poster sessions.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Luke AJ O’Neill, Ireland
  • Andreas Wack, United Kingdom
  • Marc Veldhoen, Portugal
  • Sara Lebeer, Belgium
  • Jose Ordovas-Montanes, USA
  • Louisa James, United Kingdom


  • A break in mitochondrial endosymbiosis as a basis for inflammatory diseases
  • Antiviral immunity
  • Resident memory T cells’
  • Beneficial modulation of the respiratory microbiome and immunity: positioning the potential of probiotics
  • Single-cell to tissue-scale memory of infection and inflammation
  • The role of tissue resident B cells in the regulation of antibody

By attending the EAACI Immunology Winter School, the participants will:

  • Learn about novel developments in immunology with a focus on allergy, asthma, and basic and clinical immunology
  • Learn about novel approaches in the treatment of patients with allergy, asthma, immunodeficiencies and many other comorbidities
  • Gain knowledge of other immunology research areas in allergy explored by other young investigators/research groups within EAACI
  • Present and discuss their work and get feedback from experts in the field
  • Interact with each other, and with experienced researchers and experts from different fields of science
  • Form research networks with other researchers, increasing their international contacts in and beyond their field

EAACI encourages all interested participants to submit their abstract containing new research findings that have not yet been published elsewhere. Based on the content of the abstracts, 70 talented researchers will be selected to actively participate in the on-site meeting.

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