Working Groups

The EAACI Working Groups are established as part of the Interest Groups or Sections. Each chair of the Working Group sits automatically as an additional board member in their respective Interest Group or Section board. The EAACI Working Groups represent relevant and growing scientific areas for the academy and have a clear link or common interest to their Interest Group or Sections.

Immunodulation & Nutrition

Board 2024-2026

  • Carina Venter
    Section Chair
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    Rosan Meyer
    Section Secretary
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    Roberto Berni Canani
    Board Member
  • Özge Soyer
    Board Member
  • Elisa Zubeldia
    Board Member


Immunonutrition involves the study of the direct and indirect effects of nutrients and foods, on immune system development, functionality, and responsiveness. It is important to understand the long-term effect of nutrients and food on chronic disease prevention and management. The recent development of “omics” and the multi-disciplinary range of EAACI members will enable our task force to advance the study of nutrition on allergic disease outcomes now and in future. In addition, we will support the education of EAACI members in best practices for nutritional considerations in optimal patient care.

The aims of this group are to bring together the expertise of dieticians, clinicians, scientists and researchers across multiple disciplines including allergy, nutrition, immunology, genetics and the microbiome to:

(i) Identify the gaps in our knowledge on the effects of nutrition, both deficiencies and excesses, on immune development and function;
(ii) Provide updated knowledge and scientifically validated advice, via position papers and conference symposia, on the use of specific nutrients in allergy prevention and treatment;
(iii) Advance the field of Immunonutrition by coordinating grant applications and research collaborations between members of the working group;
(iv) Support the education of patients and the public on the importance of dietary choices for healthy immune development, during all stages of life.