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Session Types

Plenary Symposia (PL)

Plenary Symposia are the core of the congress activities. These are exhaustive reviews of a major subject of the specialty, addressed to all congress participants. Plenary Symposia are scheduled at “prime times” in the programme, with no crossover with other activities to enable maximum attendance. Leading international speakers have been invited to conduct these symposia. Given the large nature, Plenary Symposia do not have allocated time for questions or discussions.


Symposia (SYM)

Symposia are state-of-the-art educational sessions in which the speakers critically review diverse aspects of a specific topic. The target audience consists of delegates who are primarily interested in the subject or wish to update their knowledge in the area.


Workshops (WS)

Workshops are sessions in which speakers share and discuss evidence and experience gathered – clinical, translational and/or basic – in a certain field. The session room will be set up in a more informal way to allow interactive discussions with the participants. Live interaction with the audience is encouraged.


Satellite Symposia (SAT)

Satellite Symposia are organised independently by the sponsoring companies who also select the topics and speakers which are approved by the Scientific Programme Committee.


Learning Lounges (LL)

Pre-registration is required. A separate registration fee applies.

Learning Lounges allow delegates to meet in a small group with outstanding researchers and clinicians. The format is designed to facilitate informal discussions, allowing participants to present their questions and gain new insights. No presentations will be given, instead the participants will have ample time for interaction with the faculty member and their peers.


Pro & Con Sessions (P&C)

The Pro & Con Sessions allow speakers to debate controversial topics in an attractive format which provides “food for thought”.


Year in Review (YIR)

The Year in Review Sessions are complete and authoritative, focused on the highlights published during the previous year on a specific topic.


Oral Sessions (OAS)

The most exciting work from abstracts submitted to the Focussed Meeting will be honoured with a place in these sessions, which start with a brief introductory talk from one of the chairs. Each presenter highlights their work and answers questions from attendees.


Poster Session (TPS)

Abstracts are grouped thematically into blocks of 15-20 posters and displayed for a whole day. Presenters are available to discuss their work and answer questions from delegates and moderators alongside their posters.

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