The well-established and interactive structure of the programme includes six keynote lectures, each of them followed by thematically grouped oral presentations by participants, selected according to the high quality of their submitted abstracts. The remaining abstracts will be presented during two poster sessions.
Seventy participants will be selected based on the scientific quality of their submitted abstracts. These participants will be invited to register for the Winter School and to present their work either as an oral presentation or as a poster.

Keynote Speakers at the Chamonix Winter School

· Caspar Ohnmacht, Germany

· Lydia Lynch, United States

· Bernhard Ryffel, France

· Adrian Hayday, United Kingdom

· Carsten Schmidt-Weber, Germany

· Domingo Barber, Spain


· Microbiome and Intestinal Tolerance Induction

· Immuno-Metabolism: the Effects of Obesity and Diet on Immune Cell Functions

· Injury induced DNA activating cGAS/STING dependent inflammation

· Lymphoid Stress-Surveillance

· Metabolism and the Inflammasome

· Unmet Need in Immunological Mechanisms in AIT: Key Cellular Players

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