Scientific Programme

Key Opinion Leaders:

  • Arantza Vega Castro, Spain
  • Elisa Boni, Italy
  • Christine Breynaert, Belgium
  • David González de Olano, Spain
  • Patrizia Bonadonna, Italy
  • Thilo Jakob, Germany
  • Teresa Alfaya, Spain
  • Lluìs Marquès, Spain
  • Matteo Martini, Italy
  • Markus Ollert, Luxembourg
  • Peter Korosec, Slovenia
  • Iván Álvarez-Twose, Spain
  • Berta Ruíz León, Spain
  • Kymble Spriggs, Australia
  • Gunter Sturm, Austria
  • Beatrice Bilò, Italy
  • Francisco Javier Ortiz Sánchez, Spain
  • Tiago Azenha Rama, Portugal
  • Hanneke Oude Elberink, Netherlands


  • Entomology: insect identification and characteristics
  • Hymenoptera venom allergy diagnosis: tools, algorithms, component resolved diagnosis, BAT
  • Venom Immunotherapy: different preparations, start-up schemes, maintenance therapy intervals, duration of immunotherapy, immunological changes during venom immunotherapy
  • Mastocytosis and Hymenoptera venom allergy: diagnosis, treatment, key points to know
  • Hereditary alfa tryptasemia and Hymenoptera Venom Allergy
  • Rare insects allergy an occupational disease
  • Environmental changes affecting insect venom hypersensitivity
  • Sting challenge test: how, when and whom
  • Gaps and future perspectives on Hymenoptera Venom Allergy

Format of the different activities

  • Sessions: 2-3 lectures around the addressed main topic
  • Hands-on: Focused in a practical activity developed by the audience.
  • Workshops: The topic will be developed around a clinical case answered by the attendees
  • Pro-Con: Two opposite points of view of the same question.
  • Posters sessions: defended by the delegates
  • Oral presentations: defended by the delegates

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