The Allergy School will take place at the UMCG – The University Medical Center Groningen. The University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) was established in 2005 as a joint activity of the University of Groningen and the Academic Hospital Groningen (AZG). At present, the UMCG is one of the largest hospitals in the Netherlands and the largest employer in the Northern Netherlands. More than 10,000 employees provide patient care, are involved in medical education and perform cutting-edge scientific research, focused on ‘healthy and active ageing’.

Its size alone makes the UMCG a ‘city with the city’. Every day, some 18,000 staff, students, patients and visitors attend the UMCG. In addition, every year dozens of major conferences are organised with participants from the Netherlands and abroad. Like in any real city, the UMCG offers shopping and catering facilities. The similarity to a city is further emphasized by the remarkable architecture of the UMCG. The roofed-in streets which house the nursing units and outpatient clinics are such that you can easily forget you are in fact in a hospital.

Hanzeplein 1
9713 GZ Groningen
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (50) 361 61 61

UMCG Website

How to get there
Groningen is easily reached from Groningen Airport Eelde.
The Airport offers you the possibility to fly directly to Groningen Airport Eelde from a few European destinations. Direct flights are provided from Copenhagen, Tenerife (Fridays), Gran Canaria, Dublin and London. Book your flights via the website of Airport Eelde.
The airport is connected to Groningen Central Station by public bus line number 2. The bus journey takes about 30 minutes.
To get to the UMCG from the Central station you can take several busses:
– Number 5 towards Annen via Groningen naar Meerstad / Scharmer
– Number 6 towards Delfzijl via Ten Boer
– Number 61 towards Uithuizen via Bedum
Also a direct bus drives 9 times a week from Station Groningen to the airport.

By Train
Information on travelling by train is available on the NS website.

Travelling from Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam) to Groningen
When you arrive in the Netherlands at Schiphol, Amsterdam international airport, easiest way to travel Groningen is by train. Underground train station beneath within walking distance of luggage claim areas. Dutch railway system is called Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS), you will recognize it its yellow and blue colors. Just follow illuminated signs that direct ‘to trains’. The journey from Schiphol Airport takes approximately two hours and Groningen is the last stop. Public transport lines departs every 30 minutes and is €25,8. Taxi: It’s a 110 minutes trip and is around €450.

Train Tickets
You will have to purchase a single-use chip card (this is your train ticket) to Groningen ticket counter and the yellow and blue ticket-vending machines that you will find in the luggage claim hall and by every entrance to the train terminal. You can purchase tickets from the machines only by using your Credit Card or a Debit Card with the Maestro logo.
If you use a single-use chip card or OV-chip card please make sure you check in and out; hold your OV-chip card up against the NS card reader in one of the gates or free-standing posts.
You can also buy your ticket online and simply print it yourself.

By Car
The UMCG is perfectly accessible via the motorway A6 and A7. From the A7 you have to take exit 38-Groningen towards the Europaweg. Continue on the Europaweg and drive to Hanzeplein. You can follow the signs UMCG. There is a parking center by the UMCG.
Please note that car traffic in the city center is restricted and street parking is very limited. Also be aware of the numerous cyclists that may not exactly follow the traffic regulations. There are ten parking garages located near the center.
More information on car parking in Groningen, including the street parking regulations, can be found here.

Taxis in Groningen
Taxi Groningen: +31 (0)50 541 8452
Taxi Noord: +31 (0)50 549 4940
Taxi VTG: +31 (0)50 535 0088

Planning your journey in the Netherlands
You might find the website very useful for planning your journey in the Netherlands. The planner combines all available public transportation – trains, buses, trams, metro, and boats – to provide an optimal route. It also informs you real-time about the current delays and disruptions in public transportation.
For questions concerning your trip to Groningen please contact:
Groningen Congres Bureau
Phone: +31 50 316 88 77


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