Scientific Programme

The PAAM Digital 2021 scientific programme can be accessed below:

Programme information
The PAAM Digital 2021 Scientific Programme will be delivered as streamed tracks and recorded scientific content available on demand.

Streamed tracks

A selection of the most exceptional sessions, to be delivered to you on 12 – 13 November 2021. All sessions allow for interaction with the speaker(s) via the live chat function available throughout the duration of the presentations. The sessions of the streamed tracks will be accredited by UEMS-EAACME. A selection of presentations from the streamed tracks will be recorded and available for viewing during PAAM Digital 2021 and 6 months thereafter.

On demand recorded scientific content

The PAAM Digital 2021 recorded scientific content will be available to registered participants on 12 – 13 November 2021. The content can be accessed throughout the whole event period at any time. A selection of presentations from the recorded scientific content will be available for a period of 6 months after the event.

The streamed tracks will cover the following planned sessions:

  • The skin barrier: key player in the etiology of atopic dermatitis and allergy
  • Severe food allergy: What is it?
  • Environment and immunomodulation : where are we?
  • Asthma during childhood: from preschool children into adulthood
  • Optimizing the diagnosis of IgE mediated food allergy
  • Novel approach for food allergy prevention: Avoid avoidance
  • Combined LABA ICS should be used as step 1 treatment in children with asthma
  • Delivering better care to children at risk of anaphylaxis
  • How to set up a transition clinic for adolescents and young adults with allergy and asthma?
  • Epigenetics of allergy
  • Immunomodulation in food allergy
  • Immunomodulation in respiratory allergy
  • Pediatric mastocytosis: diagnosis, prognosis and management
  • Adrenaline auto-injectors: are they fit for purpose?

The on-demand recorded scientific content will include the following planned sessions:

  • Facing challenges in the diagnosis and management of anaphylaxis
  • Clinical aspects of atopic dermatitis
  • Drug Allergy in children
  • How does asthma start? New insights in asthma inception
  • Novel aspects and innovation of non-IgE mediated food allergies
  • Psycho-social impact of food allergies
  • YEAR in Review in collaboration with Pediatric Allergy and Immunolog (PAI)
  • Empowering allergic patients and their families through education – case-based workshop
  • Tackling the “Barriers“ for allergy prevention
  • Allergy prevention: novel findings for old myhts?

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