Scientific Committee

Organising Committee
Helen Brough
PAAM Digital 2021 Chair
EAACI Pediatrics Section Chair 2019 – 2022
EAACI ExCom Member 2019 – 2022

Stefania Arasi
PAAM Digital 2021 Co-Chair
EAACI Pediatrics Section Secretary 2019 – 2022

Aline Sprikkelman
PAAM Digital 2021 Local Chair

Nicolette Arends
PAAM Digital 2021 Local Co-Chair

Scientific Programme Committee
Montserrat Alvaro Lozano, Spain
Stefania Arasi, Italy
Nicolette Arends, The Netherlands
Helen Brough, United Kingdom
Dominique Bullens, Belgium
Philippe Eigenmann, Switzerland
Thomas Eiwegger, Canada
Joyce Emons, The Netherlands
Susanne Halken, Denmark
Ludger Klimek, Germany
Edward Knol, The Netherlands
Gerard Koppelman, The Netherlands
Rosan Meyer, United Kingdom
Charlotte Mortz, Denmark
Antonella Muraro, Italy
Chris Nieuwhof, The Netherlands
Marielle Pijnenburg, The Netherlands
Carmen Riggioni, Spain
Graham Roberts, United Kingdom
Silvia Sanchez, Spain
Alexandra Santos, United Kingdom
Anna Sediva, Czech Republic
Aline Sprikkelman, The Netherlands
Sophia Tsabouri, Greece
Marta Vasquez, United Kingdom
Christian Vogelberg, Germany
Gary Wong, China

EAACI President
Marek Jutel, Poland

EAACI Vice-President Congresses
Edward Knol, The Netherlands

Pediatrics Section Board
Helen Brough, United Kingdom, Chair
Stefania Arasi, Italy, Secretary
Elena Galli, Italy, Board member
Daniel Munblit, Russia, Board member
Pablo Rodriguez del Rio, Spain, Board member
Sophia Tsabouri, Greece, Board member
Marta Vazquez-Ortiz, United Kingdom, Board member
Burcin Beken, Turkey, JM Representative

Potential Conflict of Interest Declaration
The European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) takes pride in offering scientific events of the highest standard. In accordance with UEMS criteria EAACI dutifully requests all committee and faculty members to declare any conflict(s) of interest.

COI of the Scientific Programme Committee – Click here.
COI of the Faculty – Click here.

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