Scientific Programme

The scientific programme will include the below planned symposia:

  • Immunotherapy of allergic diseases in children: when and how?
  • Asthma in children: role of endotypes and phenotypes in targeting the pharmacologic approach
  • Severe asthma: how to achieve the best adherence and control
  • Food allergy: new horizons towards a cure
  • Cow’s milk allergy: phenotypes and selection of special products for the management
  • Immunodeficiencies: lessons for the pediatric allergists and new advancements
  • Atopic dermatitis and biologicals: how is this changing the scenario?
  • Is anaphylaxis in children a rare disease?
  • Severity score for severe allergic reactions
  • Vaccines: from bench to bedside
  • How to improve adherence in pediatric allergic diseases: psycological intervention and new models
  • The cat or not the cat? How to best manage cat and pet allergy
  • eHealth for allergic diseases in children: facts and myths
  • Rhinitis: the big phenotypes dilemma: allergic, non-allergic, mixed?
  • Managing allergic rhinitis in children: between pharmacology and immunotherapy and beyond
  • How to best treat non-allergic rhinitis in teens
  • Molecular allergology at the forefront of early diagnosis and personalized treatment of allergic diseases in children
  • Controversies in drug allergy in children

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