Scientific Committee

Organising Committee

Stefan Vieths, ISMA-RHINA 2022 Chair
Ludger Klimek, ISMA-RHINA 2022 Chair
Thilo Jakob, ISMA-RHINA 2022 Co-Chair
Sanna Toppila-Salmi, ISMA-RHINA 2022 Co-Chair
Valérie Hox, Belgium ISMA-RHINA Co-Chair 2022
Mohamed Shamji, EAACI Vice-President Congresses

Scientific Programme Committee

Ronald van Ree, The Netherlands
Bernadette Eberlein, Germany
Christiane Hilger, Luxemburg
Paolo Matricardi, Germany
Alexandra Santos, United Kingdom
Barbara Bohle, Austria
Monika Raulf, Germany
Pablo Rodrigez del Rio, Spain
Marianne van Hage, Sweden
Barbara Ballmer-Weber, Switzerland
Gabriele Gadermaier, Austria
Carmen Rondon, Spain
Philippe Gevaert, Belgium
Peter Valentin Tomazic, Austria
Sven Becker, Germany
Adam Chaker, Germany
Randolf Brehler, Germany
Jan Hagemann, Germany
Natalija Novak, Germany

EAACI President
Stefano Del Giacco, Italy

EAACI Vice-President Congresses
Mohamed Shamji, United Kingdom

Potential Conflict of Interest Declaration
The European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) takes pride in offering scientific events of the highest standard. In accordance with UEMS criteria EAACI dutifully requests all committee and faculty members to declare any conflict(s) of interest.

COI of the Scientific Programme Committee – find the document here.

COI of the Faculty – find the document here.

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