Interactive Workshops

Besides lectures, you will have the opportunity to take part in 7 different interactive workshops and Interactive Method Workshops. These are Special sessions which allow delegates to meet in small groups with outstanding researchers and clinicians in the field.

This format is designed to facilitate informal discussions, allowing participants to present their questions and gain new insights. Access is limited and reserved to pre-registered participants. You can register until November 2 at 23:59 CET.

The cost is 10 EUR per session to be charged in addition to the ISMA-RHINA Digital 2022 registration fee.

Interactive Workshops ISMA-RHINA 2022

Day Session Title Date Time (CET) Availability Booked
Day 1 Potential and limitations of BAT & Co Friday – 4 November 10:45-12:00 20 participants 18
Day 1 How to organise your AIT-Clinic Friday 4 November 13:45-15:00 20 participants 20
Day 1 Basic and Clinical Allergology: Basis for disease classification and the importance of exact phenotyping Friday – 4 November 15:15-16:30 20 participants 10
Day 2 Carbohydrates as IgE Egitopes Saturday – 5 Nov. 10:45-12:00 20 participants 20
Day 2 Nasal sampling and provocation Saturday – 5 Nov. 13:45-15:00 20 participants 19
Day 2 Insect venom allergens Saturday – 5 Nov. 15:15-16:30 20 participants 13
Day 2 E-Health and other modern management tools of upper airway inflammation Saturday – 5 Nov. 15:15-16:30 20 participants 8

If you have already registered to ISMA-RHINA and would like to attend a workshop, please send an e-mail to, and we will assist you to add the workshop to your registration package!

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