Clinical Fellowships

Fellowship applications for 2023 are now closed. Notifications will be received by end of March 2023.


The aims of the Clinical Fellowships are to spread the medical specialty of allergy and clinical immunology throughout Europe and to promote fellowships in allergy and clinical immunology in order to support highly skilled specialists in this field in Europe. The Fellowships are for EAACI members in training for allergy and clinical immunology early in their careers and are not intended for well-established specialists.

  • Grant

    Clinical Fellows receive EUR 4,000 each to cover a 3 month clinical fellowship in a foreign European hospital and pay for accommodation and travel (receipts for these expenses are required)

  • Note

    The Fellow’s salary would be covered by the hospital of origin

  • Duration

    The duration of the Clinical Fellowship is 3 months

  • Eligibility

    EAACI Junior Members (JMs) in training or recently specialised in allergy and clinical immunology

  • Fellowship Schedule

    All fellows have one year after the formal announcement to complete their fellowship, depending on the centres/fellow availability

  • Report

    At the end of the fellowship the candidate must submit a report describing the activities undertaken, as well as feedback/suggestions. A brief report of the candidate should also be made by the centre

“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen and a push in the right direction”

John C Crosby

Application procedure

The fellowship application uses an online platform. You are asked to complete some information online and upload additional signed documents into the system.

Before starting the application process, please ensure you have the following information at hand:

  1. Your EAACI Membership Number (mandatory)
  2. Your host’s EAACI membership number (mandatory)
  3. Your home supervisor’s EAACI membership number (if applicable, special conditions might apply due to current circumstances)
  4. Curriculum vitae (mandatory, 1 A4 page maximum, for upload)
  5. Motivation letter, specifying the host centre for application (mandatory, to be entered online)
  6. Commitment statement assuming that the candidate will not apply to any other national/European grant for the fellowship (mandatory, to be entered online)
  7. Letter of recommendation from your home supervisor (if applicable, signed, for upload; special conditions might apply due to current circumstances)
  8. Confirmation from host supervisor that they accept the terms (signed, for upload) – download here
  9. Short description of the schedule/programme for the planned visit of a fellow by your host supervisor
  10. Confirmation from home supervisor that they accept the terms (signed, for upload) – download here
  11. You may upload additional documents with f, graphs or any other relevant project-related information.

Note: During the submission period you can always log back in to edit your submission.

General Terms

1. Any EAACI Junior Member (JM) may apply personally for the award using the online system provided.
2. To be eligible to apply you must be under the age of 36 and an active member of the EAACI (EAACI-JM). Please note EAACI Junior Membership is free to all those aged 35 and under.
3. Applicants must contact an institution in another European country that is willing to host them for the whole duration of the fellowship, and define a supervisor. The host supervisor must be a member of EAACI, or have applied for membership of EAACI at the time of the Fellowship application.
4. Your home institution must be willing to release you of all work, laboratory and clinical, during the whole duration of the fellowship, and ensure that you will have the possibility to come back after the conclusion of the fellowship (if applicable; special conditions might apply due to current circumstances). Please note, non-European applicants must contact an institution from a European country.
5. Adequate fluency in a language that permits effective communication in the host institution is required.
6. Fellowship recipients are not insured by EAACI and are encouraged to make sure that both, they and the institutions which receive them, are fully covered by the necessary insurances. Host institutions are encouraged to assist and pay for this. EAACI will not accept any liability.
7. By submitting this application, I understand that my application, including names, is stored electronically.
8. Declaration of Conflict of Interest: EAACI is committed to ensuring the integrity of its scientific, educational, and research programmes. Applications require disclosure of any financial or other interest that might be construed as resulting in an actual, potential, or apparent conflict.
9. The Fellowship is a scholarship which in most European countries is tax-free. However, the recipient is responsible for any tax that may be required in some countries.
10 The Fellowship is not intended to cover salary. The salary has to be taken over by the host/home institution.
11. The Fellowship should be used to cover travel and accommodation as well as further required project-related expenses.
12. A person may submit only one application at a time.
13. All documents must be submitted in English and uploaded to the online application platform before the closing date each year.
14. Applications that do not include all required forms or forms that are not properly completed will not be considered for review.
15. The applications will be reviewed by an expert panel including representatives of EAACI and will be handled in strict confidence.
16.  The starting date of the Fellowship period must start before the end of each year.
17. Fellowship recipients will be asked to provide a detailed report on the results of the scientific project including a short financial report.


For more information, please contact:

EAACI Headquarters
Hagenholzstrasse 111
3rd Floor
8050 Zurich
Telephone: +41 44 205 55 33