EAACI environmental guidelines – recommendations for public comment

EAACI environmental guidelines – recommendations for public comment

Dear colleagues,

Environmental science was set as a key priority for the EAACI Research Agenda. An integrated approach to environment and health policies is needed to tackle environmental risks, based on high quality evidence in order to implement appropriate measures. This requires high quality tools in a form of a framework delivered by the Academia in the format of evidence-based guidelines.

EAACI started working on its Guidelines on Environmental Science in Allergy and Asthma. We are pleased to invite you to review and provide feedback on the first set of recommendations for pollen-induced asthma and pollen-induced rhinitis provided by the WG on Atmospheric Science led by Isabella Annesi-Maesano and Lorenzo Cecchi.

Please provide your feedback at science@eaaci.org by July 14th.

Thank you for your support,

Ioana Agache, Cezmi Akdis and Marek Jutel, Guideline Chairs

Please find the Systematic Review and Reccommendations by clicking the links below

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