Achieving a tobacco-free environment by 2030

Achieving a tobacco-free environment by 2030

Dear Colleagues,

On 16 January 2023, the European Commission initiative CALL TO ACHIEVE A TOBACCO-FREE ENVIRONMENT AND THE FIRST EUROPEAN TOBACCO-FREE GENERATION BY 2030 was launched.

In order for the Commission to move forward with the recommendations proposed by this initiative, 1 million statements of support must be collected within 1 year, and reach the specific threshold in at least 7 different Member States.

EAACI fully endorses this important initiative on tobacco control, as smoking is a major trigger for asthma and airway diseases, and the detrimental effect of smoke on indoor and outdoor air quality is among many factors contributing to epithelial barrier deterioration and the rapid increase in allergies.

The tobacco pandemic is the first avoidable cause of death. Butts on beaches cause environmental damage to the ocean and its wildlife, in forests cause fires and contaminate soil and water. To save the new generations from falling into tobacco addiction, in addition to acting forcefully against the environmental dangers caused by cigarette butts and fighting against smoking, it is necessary to:

  1. Promote the first tobacco-free European generation by 2028, ending the sale of tobacco and nicotine products to citizens born since 2010.
    2. Create an European Net of tobacco-free and butts-free beaches and riverbanks, making this spaces more healthy and environmentally sustainable.
    3. Establish an European Net of tobacco-free and butts-free National Parks making them more healthy and reducing contamination and risk of fires.
    4. Extend outdoor smoke and vapor free spaces, especially those frequented by minors (parks, swimming pools, sports events and centers, shows and restaurants terraces).
    5. Eliminate tobacco advertising and presence in audiovisual productions, social media, specially addressing covert advertising through influencers and product placement.
    6. Finance R&D projects for diseases caused by tobacco use to improve their prognosis and make them curable.

As a European citizen, you can make a positive difference today.
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Stefano del Giacco
EAACI President

Maria Jose Torres
EAACI Secretary General

Ioana Agache
EAACI Research and Outreach Committee Chair

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