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Welcome to the EAACI-ESCD Skin Allergy Meeting – SAM Digital 2023


The EAACI-ESCD Skin Allergy Meeting is the leading European meeting devoted to skin allergy. The seventh edition of this biannual event will be held digitally, taking place on 24-25 March 2023 and constituting a unique opportunity for clinicians and researchers to access the latest developments on cutaneous allergy and related disorders.

EAACI will organise SAM Digital 2023 in collaboration with the European Society for Contact Dermatitis (ESCD), an organisation committed to promoting research, awareness and knowledge on contact dermatitis and other environmental and occupational skin diseases. Both organisations will contribute to making this an exceptional experience for our attendees, who will benefit from a highly interactive and content-rich focused meeting.

In SAM Digital 2023, we will welcome outstanding professionals and acclaimed experts presenting keynote lectures on atopic dermatitis, urticaria, cutaneous drug allergy, food and the skin, angioedema, and pediatric contact dermatitis among others.

Moreover, the meeting will be a platform to share “hot topic” discussions and case reports made by professionals from all over the world, making this an interesting opportunity to connect professionals, compare existing data and encourage collaborations that will improve the quality of life of our patients.

We look forward to welcoming you in this enriching experience!


Jose Luis Garcia-Abujeta
EAACI-ESCD SAM Digital 2023 Chair

Jeanne Duus Johansen
EAACI-ESCD SAM Digital 2023 Chair

Charlotte G Mortz
EAACI-ESCD SAM Digital 2023 Co-Chair

Maria Bova
EAACI-ESCD SAM Digital 2023 Co-Chair

Margarida Gonçalo
EAACI-ESCD SAM Digital 2023 Co-Chair


Dear Colleagues,

We are eager to welcome you to the EAACI- ESCD Skin Allergy Meeting 2023 which will be held online on 24-25 March 2023. This event is the chance for you to learn more about dermatological diseases associated with allergies including atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, urticaria, mastocytosis, cutaneous drug hypersensitivity reactions, and more…
Skin conditions are some of the most common forms of allergy, with a high incidence and prevalence, and significantly impact patients’ quality of life. The SAM 2023 meeting is the perfect interdisciplinary scenario for experts to meet and discuss the gaps in knowledge and research priorities in the field, in order to determine the most appropriate methods for diagnosis, prevention, treatment and management for our patients.
We will explore new and emerging allergens in occupational allergy, cosmetic sensitizers, European baseline patch tests, cutaneous reactions to vaccines, the European etiology of chronic urticaria , and diagnosing atopic dermatitis, among others.
With 8 plenary symposia presenting novel findings and data on the different facets of skin allergy; the ability to interact with speakers during Live Q&As; exclusive meet the expert sittings; numerous oral poster discussion sessions; and a platform catered to maximise digital interaction and networking, we are itching to see you at this exciting meeting.

This is an invitation to register, submit your research, and be a part of the international, up-to-date and buzzing discourse around the topic of skin allergy.


Mohamed Shamji
Vice President Congresses

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