Interactive Workshops

Interactive Workshops are sessions in which speakers are expected to share and discuss the evidence and experience – clinical and/or basic – in a certain field.

The session room will be set up in a more informal way to allow interactive discussions with the participants. Due to the highly interactive character of these interactive Workshops, the size of the session room is limited, and it is advisable to arrive early to the session to secure your place.

In case of overflow, it is not possible to increase the planned maximum capacity of the session due to security reasons, but we will stream the session to another area.

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Why do we do this?

The EAACI Congress is what it is thanks to its participants and we want them to enjoy the Congress. In evaluations, the attendees told us many times: ‘We want more interaction.’

Participants look for three things: to learn, to network and to have a positive experience. All these points result from interaction.

Education changes through technology and science. It shapes format and group techniques. More interaction and group work and less lecturing seem to be the way forward.

The positive atmosphere around the format is visible in the voting results on the statement: ‘this was a pleasant format’:

about the workshop

How will the Interactive Workshop format be improved in 2018?

The session will last 1 hour, and 30 minutes and it will include interaction and group work..

We allow for more interaction during the two presentations (each 20 min). Participants will be asked to respond on multiple voting questions and be invited to ask any clarifying questions they might have. Chairs will throw the questioner the Catchbox (throwable microphone).

The two presentations will be followed by discussion, group work. Participants will be asked to give input in the co-creation platform, resulting in great ideas, clever suggestions and enthusiastic responses.

The facilitator facilitates the interaction, the conversations in the room. The facilitator manages time and helps participants, speakers and chairs when needed.

How do you do this?

As a speaker or chair in Interactive Workshop, you are in the driver’s seat to redesign your session: give your session a real energy boost!

It is simple:

1. Break your presentation (20 min) into smaller, more memorable, chunks
2. Use pictures, try to avoid bullet points
3. Involve the participants by asking one or multiple voting question(s)
4. End your presentation with a task for the groups to work on

Get started!

a) Watch these short instructional videos:

Making your session dynamic (5 min)
How to improve your session slides (9 min)
The interactive discussion system (4 min)

b) Done?

No more than 20 slides? Including (at least) one voting + one discussion slide with one (1) statement/question/case?

Sample voting slide:

sample voting ws 002

Sample discussion slide:

sample discussion ws

d) Presentation Review:

Submit your PPT to: “Interactive Sessions”

We check: number of slides, readability, quality of pictures, one message per slide, voting question(s) and discussion slide.

PPT submission deadline: Wednesday, May 16

Watch your inbox. Approved? All speakers giving a presentation are requested to validate their presentation in the Speakers’ Service Centre (SSC) a minimum of 2 hours before the session starts or the day before for early morning sessions.
Presentations received after this deadline cannot be guaranteed optimal audio-visual support.

Material for faculty members of Interactive Workshops:

As a speaker or chair in the sessions, you may find the following material useful.

Group work on a statement

Group work on a statement/question/case raised by speaker in discussion slide, using an online co-creation tool

Chairs holding co creation results

Chairs holding co-creation results and a throwable microphone

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