Scientific Programme

The scientific programme will include the below planned symposia:

  • Virus infection and drug allergy
  • Mechanism how viral infection modulate drug allergy
  • Diagnosis of ADR to SARS-CoV-2 vaccines, state of the art
  • Current challenges in drug allergy I
  • Current challenges in drug allergy II

Targeted Audience

EAACI Drug Hypersensitivity Meetings provide an excellent knowledge exchange platform for both clinicians and researchers. They offer clinical sessions for those who want more knowledge of diagnostics and therapy, and preclinical sessions for those who want to broaden or update their knowledge of pathophysiological mechanisms. They attract up to 500 physicians and researchers from all over the world.

Educational needs
The Drug Hypersensitive Section of EAACI along with the organising committee will create a scientific programme covering contemporary aspects of drug allergy. To enhance the learning experience, the programme will include symposiums covering different topics and young scientists/researchers corners.

Educational outcomes

Key aspects of allergy diagnostics will be covered in this focused meeting, entailing both theoretical and practical considerations:

  • Mechanisms with which the Coronavirus and virus in general induces or enhance the drug hypersensitivity reaction.
  • Participants of the focused meeting will learn how to manage patients with virus infections and drug allergy
  • Participants will learn also when and how to perform skin test in patients with reaction to Covid vaccines.

Programme information

The DHM Digital 2022 Scientific Programme will be delivered as streamed tracks.

Streamed tracks

Exceptional sessions, to be delivered to you on 21 April 2022. All sessions allow for interaction with the speaker(s) via the live chat function available throughout the duration of the presentations. A selection of presentations from the streamed tracks will be recorded and available for viewing during DHM Digital 2022 and 6 months thereafter.

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