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EAACI Post Graduate Course at the 18th IUIS International Congress of Immunology

27 November 2023
  • Cape Town, South Africa

This EAACI-sponsored symposium will provide three state-of-the-art lectures from global leaders in allergic disease pathways and how they are modulated by both established treatments such as allergen immunotherapy and novel biologics.

Following this mini-symposium attendees will be up to date on our current understanding of in vivo consequences of treatments with monoclonal antibodies targeting the IL-4/IL13 pathway, insights which help us to understand non-redundant roles of these pivotal TH2 cytokines.

The current understanding of how allergen immunotherapy slowly shifts allergen specific responses from inflammatory to tolerant, highlighting roles for isotype switching, regulatory T-cells and phenotypic-alteration of antigen presenting cells will be covered.

Finally, the latest immunopathogenic models in drug hypersensitivity will be discussed, with particular focus on non-immune and immune pathways that underpin overlapping clinical phenotypes of allergy.

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