Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee (EC) is a permanent body of EAACI aimed at ensuring high ethical standards in all areas of EAACI activity and beyond as the European reference structure in the field of ethics in allergy and clinical immunology for training and good practice, research and management of allergic diseases, patient information, patient care, and public health issues concerning the field of allergy and clinical immunology.

The Ethics Committee

  • Barbara Rogala
    Ethics Committee Chair
  • Werner Aberer
    Board Member
  • Victoria Cardona
    Board Member
  • Anna Ehlers
    Board Member (EAACI Junior Member)
  • Marcia Podesta
    Board Member (Patient Organisation Representative)
  • Ricardo Abeng√≥zar Muela
    Board Member
  • Georgios Nikolopoulos
    Board Member
  • Liliana Rogozea
    Board Member