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02 - 04 November 2023 Porto, Portugal

Clare Mills

United Kingdom

Clare Mills

Professor Mills currently holds a joint appointment between the Universities of Manchester and Surrey. Her laboratory is based at present in the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology at the University of Manchester and is part of the Respiratory and Allergy Research team at the Wythenshawe Hospital and the Immunology Section at the University of Surrey. She led the EU projects iFAAM and EuroPrevall and currently coordinates the European Food Safety Authority project ThrAll and leads the UK Food Standards Agency project PAFA. Her personal research interests are focused on structure-function relationships in food proteins particularly with regards what makes some proteins, and not others, become allergens, including the effects of the food matrix and processing on resistance of food proteins to digestion and the role this plays in determining the allergenicity of foods. 


Saturday 4 Nov
14:45 - 15:15 Pollen Food syndrome Workshop Archive Hall , Channel 1