EAACI Congress 2024

31 May - 03 June 2024 Valencia, Spain

JMA Poster session 08: - Pediatrics

Friday 31 May, 16:45 PM - 18:15 PM Valencia, Spain
Poster Zone JMA Poster Session
Adherence to a sustainable and healthy dietary pattern and its impact on asthma and airway inflammation
Allergy in children with Autism spectrum disorder
Angioedema in childhood: with or without urticaria
Association between 25-hydroxy vitamin D and pulmonary function among obese and asthma children
Association of early-life weight gain with airway resistance in young children
Do sIgE predict the oral food challenge outcomes in children with fish allergy?
Food oral immunotherapy monitoring with OITcontrol® is related to reduced number of home adverse reactions and better treatment compliance compared with paper-based monitoring
Food protein-induced allergic proctocolitis: real-world experience from an Italian cohort
Hand Eczema in children: prevalence and clinical characteristics
Hyper-IgE syndrome in a three-year-old child: a case report
In vitro hen’s egg stimulated PBMCs from egg allergic, egg tolerant and non-allergic children reveal a single population of ICOS+ T memory cells with potential regulatory characteristics
Iron deficiency contributes to the development of pediatric AD by promoting Th2 cell expansion and inhibiting Breg cell activity
LAD-I and Anti-IL-12/IL-23 in infancy
Neonatal Kawasaki disease: Case report
Patch testing findings in children with suspected Allergy Contact Dermatitis at a tertiary Hospital
Relationship between mode of delivery and allergic diseases, total serum IgE and fractional exhaled nitric oxide and among Taiwanese children
Sex differences in childhood asthma are driven by a T2-high phenotype and mediated through sex-hormone metabolites
Sleep Quality In Parents And Children With Atopic Dermatitis In Early Childhood (<3 years)
Vomiting toddler in the Pediatric Emergency Department and food enterocolitis: are we missing something?
“Inside-out Desensitization”: A case report on the use of continuous renal replacement therapy in hemodialysis-associated anaphylactic reaction