EAACI Congress 2024

31 May - 03 June 2024 Valencia, Spain

SY4 - Mast cell clonality, hereditary alpha-tryptasemia and anaphylaxis

Friday 31 May, 13:15 PM - 14:45 PM Valencia, Spain
Madrid Channel Madrid Symposia Access On Demand Section


  • To explore how anaphylaxis manifests in both clonal and non-clonal mast cell disorders.
  • To discuss the importance of assessing mast cell clonality and tpsab1 genotyping, shedding light on their influence on patient prognosis.
  • To highlight the accuracy of various mast cell clonality prediction scores and differentiate the management approaches for patients with and without mast cell clonality, especially in cases like drug hypersensitivity and hymenoptera venom allergy.
When and how to assess mast cell clonality in patients with anaphylaxis
Is hereditary alpha-tryptasemia truly a risk factor for anaphylaxis?
Differences in the approach when facing patients with and without clonal mast cell disorders