EAACI Congress 2024

31 May - 03 June 2024 Valencia, Spain

FT 23 - Flash talks on Allergen Immunotherapy 3

Monday 03 Jun, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM Valencia, Spain
Palma Flash Talks
11:00 001725
Safety and tolerability of ultra-rush induction protocols with Hymenoptera venoms using depot extracts
11:07 000367
Differential effects of IgG4 vs IgE in birch allergy: blocking activity, receptor specificity and selective tropism of IgE-Bet v1 vs IgG4 immune complexes to B cells and monocytes
11:14 000469
Safety and tolerability of in-season initiation of subcutaneous and sublingual allergen immunotherapy with SQ grass pollen products: a comprehensive review
11:21 000583
Efficacy of virus-like particle (VLP)-based immunotherapy in a mouse model of HDM allergy
11:28 000623
Poloxamer formulation for allergen immunotherapy reduces systemic allergic reactions in a mouse model
11:35 000783
DRAGO Application: Implementing Adherence and to House Dust Mite Allergen Immunotherapy
11:42 001191
Real-life effectiveness and safety of SQ SLIT-tablets in patients with allergic rhinitis. Review of the evidence from non-interventional studies
11:49 001202
Real-life treatment experience in patients with allergic rhinitis treated with SQ SLIT-tablets. Review of the evidence from non-interventional studies
11:56 001211
ILIT.NU: Intralymphatic immunotherapy and placebo affected cSMS similarly in grass pollen allergic individuals in a large clinical trial
12:03 001340
Sympout study: Evolution of clinical parameters in a pediatric population allergic to pollens or house dust mites treated with sublingual immunotherapy in liquid formulation standardized in TBU/ml
12:10 001344
Sublingual immunotherapy for house dust mite allergy induces expansions of allergen-specific memory B cells expressing CD29 and downregulating IL4Rα
12:17 001378
One-strength dose escalation using a birch pollen allergoid for subcutaneous immunotherapy is safe and well-tolerated in children, adolescents and adults