EAACI Congress 2024

31 May - 03 June 2024 Valencia, Spain

JMA Poster session 07 - Drug allergy

Friday 31 May, 16:45 PM - 18:15 PM Valencia, Spain
Poster Zone JMA Sessions
16:45 D1.435
Assessment of the Impact of Drug Provocation Testing on Anxiety in Patients Experiencing Drug Hypersensitivity Reactions
16:45 D1.444
COX-1 associated NSAIDs hypersensitivity: is etoricoxib a safe alternative?
16:45 D1.447
Clinical Evolution Of Adults Diagnosed of Hypersensitivity Reactions To NSAIDs
16:45 D1.448
Clinical Evolution Of Children Diagnosed of Hypersensitivity Reactions To NSAIDs
16:45 D1.437
Corticosteroids hypersensitivity – a decade review
16:45 D1.430
Cross-Country Variations in NSAID Hypersensitivity: A Comparative Study of Clinical Presentations and Phenotypes in Spain and Turkey
16:45 D1.432
Development of novel MRGPRX2 antagonists as therapeutic drugs to treat non-IgE mediated allergies
16:45 D1.451
Drug Reaction With Eosinophilia and Systemic Symptoms: Deciphering the diversity of systemic immune profiles
16:45 D1.438
Drug reaction with eosinophilia and systemic symptoms (DRESS): clinical manifestations and prognostic factors associated with disease severity
16:45 D1.431
Flow cytometric based lymphocyte activation test measuring CD69 upregulation by an absolute count-based T-cell analysis in patients with delayed-type reactions to beta-lactam antibiotics
16:45 D1.441
Head-to-head comparison between allergist vs. non-allergist in low risk penicillin allergy delabelling: effectiveness, safety and impact on quality of life from a multi-centre, prospective cohort study in Hong Kong (HK-DADI2)
16:45 D1.434
In-vivo diagnosis in DRESS syndrome: a single center experience
16:45 D1.452
One-dilution rapid desensitization protocol to chemotherapeutic and biological agents: patient profile, protocol and tolerability
16:45 D1.446
PEN-FAST score performances to evaluate the risk of positive penicillin allergy tests in a french cohort
16:45 D1.433
Patent Blue V in Peri-operative Hypersensitivity: Hidden Offender, Serial Culprit
16:45 D1.436
Peripheral blood and urine metabolites associated with NERD after ASA challenge and long-term ASA therapy
16:45 D1.449
Prognostic markers for drug challenges in non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
16:45 D1.439
Silica-nanoparticles displaying amoxicillin can efficiently and specifically activate basophils form amoxicillin-allergic patients
16:45 D1.450
Sulfonamide antibiotic allergy assessment using the SULF-FAST clinical decision tool
16:45 D1.443
The importance of the drug provocation test as a diagnostic tool in immediate hypersensitivity reactions to chemotherapeutics