EAACI Congress 2024

31 May - 03 June 2024 Valencia, Spain

TPS68 - Drug allergy 6

Sunday 02 Jun, 12:00 PM - 13:00 PM Valencia, Spain
Poster Zone Thematic Poster Session
A case of cetirizine allergy: diagnostic considerations
Adverse reactions to biologicals in severe asthma
Beta-lactam allergy de-labeling – usefulness of a model based on a medical history data
Bullous fixed durg eruption caused by etoricoxib: A case report
Can piperacillin-tazobactam be a safe alternative in patients with hypersensitivity to amoxicillin?
Clinico-biological profile of drug-induced enterocolitis
Delayed Hypersensitivity Reaction to Clavulanic Acid: A Case Report
Desensitization to Lenalidomide: our center's experience
INTERESTING FACT: Delayed systemic allergic reactions to corticosteroids: Clinical symptoms y cross-reactivity
Long-term outcomes of drug reaction with eosinophilia and systemic symptoms: a ten-year prospective study from a tertiary center
Mapping the shifting paradigm in β-lactam and penicillin allergy research: A bibliometric review
Paracetamol-induced fixed drug eruption: A case Series
Related factors to cefazolin perioperative hypersensitivity reactions
SDRIFE induced by four different iodinated contrast media: an atypical presentation