EAACI Congress 2024

31 May - 03 June 2024 Valencia, Spain

TPS40 - Drug allergy 4

Saturday 01 Jun, 12:00 PM - 13:00 PM Valencia, Spain
Poster Zone Thematic Poster Session
A case of progestogen hypersensitivity with reactions to endogenous progesterone and exogenous progestins
A rare case of IgE-mediated multiple drug hypersensitivity syndrome
Anaesthetists Beliefs about Food Allergies: A Local Survey
Assessment of challenge outcomes for children with a non-beta lactam antibiotic allergy
Beta Lactam Allergy Pathways Are In My Pocket
Case Report: Acute Localized Exanthematous Pustulosis due to two antibiotics
Contrast-induced encephalopathy after pulmonary CT examination
Flow cytometric based lymphocyte activation test measuring CD69 upregulation by an absolute count-based T-cell analysis in patients with delayed-type reactions to beta-lactam antibiotics
Impact of variants in genes related to acetaminophen biodisposition on the risk of developing selective acetaminophen hypersensitivity
Intraoperative anaphylaxis: Who is to blame?
Non-immediate hypersensitivity reaction to different insulins: A case report
Patent blue anaphylaxis: should BAT play a role in the diagnosis?
Searching for a safe alternative in allergy to Proton Pump Inhibitor
Successful Desensitisation for Delayed Cutaneous Kaftrio Hypersensitivity
Successful Desensitization with CFTR Modulatory Drugs in Delayed Cutaneous Hypersensitivity Reactions