EAACI Congress 2024

31 May - 03 June 2024 Valencia, Spain

TPS33 - Asthma 4

Saturday 01 Jun, 12:00 PM - 13:00 PM Valencia, Spain
Poster Zone Thematic Poster Session
Activity of oral fluid enzymes in children with bronchial asthma
Clinical Characteristics of Patients with Severe Asthma by Different Elevated Biomarkers Classifications: Patients from Spain in the ISAR Registry
Features of the immune status of bronchial asthma with obesity
Identification of potential biomarkers and pathogenesis in severe asthma: evidence from a bioinformatics analysis
Impact of asthma as a chronic disease on the quality of life of the patient and his family
Influence of selected cytokines and chemokines on the ventilation efficiency in spirometric examination, in patients with asthma post-COVID-19
Obese asthma phenotype is governed by hsa-miR-26a-1-3p and 2 hsa-miR-376a-3p modulating the IGF axis
Progressive increase of the intervals between omalizumab administration in severe asthma
Proposal of an algorithm for asthma diagnosis using molecular biomarkers
Role of Laser Acupuncture Therapy on Children with Chronic bronchial asthma and its impact on oxidative stress biomarker
Targeted drug-induced apoptosis in key cellular mediators of allergic asthma as a new treatment strategy
The Use of Long-acting Muscarinic Antagonist (LAMA) in the Treatment of Asthma: A Tertiary Asthma Center Experience
The clinical and immunological features of bronchial asthma in patients with autoimmune thyroiditis
Voice biomarkers: a new tool for asthma management