EAACI Congress 2024

31 May - 03 June 2024 Valencia, Spain

TPS06 - Asthma 3

Friday 31 May, 12:00 PM - 13:00 PM Valencia, Spain
Poster Zone Thematic Poster Session
Allergic asthma in a sample of dairy farmers
Atopic diseases and Risk of Incident Psoriasis: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Cohort Studies
Atopic diseases and the risk of dementia: A systematic review and meta-analysis of cohort studies
Common variable immunodeficiency in severe asthma; (Coexistence or coincidence?)
Impact of Early-life Exposure to Microorganisms and Metabolites in Rural Environment on the Development of Allergic Airway Inflammation (AAI) in Mice
Murine Models of Allergen-Induced Experimental Asthma: general features and lung transcriptome
Perceived Impact and Awareness of Climate Change among Climate-Vulnerable Adults with Asthma
Real-life efficacy of dupilumab in patients with asthma phenotype overlap- data from a tertiary pulmonary centre
Serum Levels of Cytokine in Individuals with Severe Asthma with Obesity
Severe Eosinophilic Asthma later recognized as EGPA treated with Benralizumab
T-cell abnormalities in asthmatic children with recurrent infections
The interaction of atopy and reduced biodiversity of upper airway microbiome promotes higher nasal expression of IL-5 and asthma persistence in early childhood
The role of platelets in the development of the allergic airway inflammation phenotype
Tissue resident memory T cells play vital role in maintain airway chronic inflammation by production of IL-4, IL-5 and IL-9 in asthma
Unique effect of aspirin on sputum cell composition in patients with NSAID-Exacerbated Respiratory Disease (N-ERD)