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EAACI Congress 2024

31 May - 03 June 2024 Valencia, Spain

TPS23 - Aerobiology and pollution 1

Friday 31 May, 12:00 PM - 13:00 PM Valencia, Spain
Poster Zone Thematic Poster Session
Childhood atopic dermatitis and air pollution
Consequences of the climate change on Olea europaea allergy
Focus Alternaria sp.: 22 years of monitoring in the northern area of ​​Italy
Immunocytological changes in rat lungs iduced by short-term inhalation of hypochlorous acid (HOCl)
Overview of the up-to-date perspectives and advances in airborne entomophilous pollen sensitization
Screening for indoor allergens in different settings at University of Évora
Screening for indoor allergens in student’s dwellings in Alentejo, Portugal
The influence of environmental factors on pregnancy and perinatal outcomes in patients with and without respiratory allergy: a retrospective study
Timothy Grass Aerosolization in Novel Allergen Exposure Chamber