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Erika Jensen JarolimFelicitas Matern

Karagiannis Photo
Erika Jensen-Jarolim (Austria)
Sophia Karagiannis (UK)


Board Members

MARIONA PASCAL elenaizquierdo aureliepoli
Mariona Pascal Capdevila
Elena Izquierdo (Spain) Aurélie Poli (Luxembourg)


AllergoOncology News: Transition of TaskForce into Working Group!

The WG for AllergoOncology is a hard-working group of enthusiastic academic and clinical experts in both, allergy and cancer with an innovative interdisciplinary agenda, driving novel ideas that link Allergy with several disciplines, for the benefit of patients and overall contributing to the research and translational aspirations and originality of EAACI.

The EAACI Task Force for AllergoOncology was founded in 2014 within the Basic Immunology Section to investigate the unique immunologic interface between allergy, IgE immune responses and oncology. One key area of interest stems from observations that high IgE levels in atopic individuals are associated with lower prevalence of some tumour types. Also, whilst immune tolerance is not desired in cancer, IgE-mediated immune surveillance targeted to cancer cells, might be. The world´s first clinical trial of a recombinant anti-cancer IgE ongoing in the UK is pioneered by members of the AllergoOncology group.
The most recent position paper of our group (Ferastraoaru et al., Clinical Translational Allergy 2020) for the first time presents collective evidence that, apart from roles in allergy pathology and anti-parasite immunity, especially, ultra-low IgE serum levels <2.5 kU/L could be a biomarker for a risk of developing new malignancies (17.65%). The AllergoOncology concept therefore, brings to light completely new aspects of the biological roles of IgE antibodies which are of high interest and clinical relevance.

Ongoing and planned projects

Ongoing: Position paper 5: “Danger Signals in Allergy and Oncology”.

Planned: Virtual Training day on Inflammation in Allergy and Cancer, hosted by Sophia N. Karagiannis, King´s College London, UK, in summer 2021 (date and program will be announced in short).

Planned: Virtual Business Meeting at 2021 Annual EAACI conference, Warsaw, Poland.

Planned: Position paper 6: “Letter of the allergist to the oncologist”

Ferastraoaru D, Bax HJ, Bergmann C, Capron M, Castells M, Dombrowicz D, Fiebiger E, Gould HJ, Hartmann K, Jappe U, Jordakieva G, Josephs DH, Levi-Schaffer F, Mahler V, Poli A, Rosenstreich D, Roth-Walter F, Shamji M, Steveling-Klein EH, Turner MC, Untersmayr E, Karagiannis SN & Jensen-Jarolim E. (2020). AllergoOncology: ultra-low IgE, a potential novel biomarker in cancer-a Position Paper of the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI). Clin Transl. Allergy (10:32). DOI: 10.1186/s13601-020-00335-w.

[PHOTO SUPPLIED: CAPTION] The AllergoOncology Task Force during a workshop in Vienna (November 2019) which was dedicated to the preparation of this position paper.

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Last updated 25 June 2021
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