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The Website Committee

Filippo Fassio

Committee Chair


About the Committee
The EAACI website plays a crucial role in sharing information with over 10‘000 members, as well as patients and other interested individuals and organisations. With over 1 million page views per year, it is the primary external communication pillar of the academy. The voluntary position of the EAACI Website Editor plays an important role in creating and maintaining interesting and relevant content for our website. The Website Editor closely collaborates with the Vice-President of Communication & Membership, the Scientific Media Editor, as well as the EAACI HQ Marketing & Communications Team. 

Website Editor - key responsibilities: 

· Coordination of the website committee team regarding updates and initiatives
· Coordination of creation of content
· Acting as an ambassador for the website at select leadership meetings
· Support with input and analysis concerning search engine optimisation
· Involvement in website projects
· Bringing input and suggestions for strategic planning and social events at the EAACI Congress.



December 2019
The end of the year is always a good time to make summaries…for me this is also the end of my mandate as Website Editor and I am happy to share with you some of big achievements during my mandate that I am very proud of:

- HONcode CERTIFICATE received finally in 2018, still maintained. Having this means that EAACI website is a trustworthy source of information in our field and meets criteria in eight areas: authoritativeness, complementarity, privacy, attribution, justifiability, transparency, financial disclosure, and advertising policy.

- INTEGRATION of all EAACI events websites onto the main platform (in 2016). Technically difficult but very important for optimazing and statistics. It helps to keep the website unified and informative.

- JOB CENTER opening (in 2016, still working). Place where you can easily search for professional work positions and advertise some in the immunology field.

- EAACI MEDIA LIBRARY opened in 2018, continuously improving. There you can find webcasts, e-posters, videos from EAACI Congesses or Focused Meetings, as well as you can access to EAACI Newsletter, Position Papers, Books or Guidelines.

- PATIENTS WEBSITE reorganised and completely changed in 2018. Still under optimalisation process and implementation of new things. Website fully dedicated to patients.

- LANDING PAGE and internal webpages changing. Firs big changen was launched in 2017, next in 2018. Hundreds of internal webpages were changed, and reorganized, the same for main menu. New fresh visual look, new content always updated and sticking to demanding trends. But two webpages deserved for a special indication: position papers an task force webpages. Do you like them?

My term as the Website Editor is finishing at the end of this year. I have to honestly say that the last years have been very exciting and I have learned a lot, not only about EAACI itself but about communication, tolerance of different views, how to deal with stressful situations and as well as gaining an understanding of the needs and requirements that the Website Editor has to meet. The knowledge can not be underestimated.
Thanks to the past and present Board of Officers, the Executive Committee and the HQ Team for all the support and trust you gave me, and for the collaboration at a high level.
I am already wishing all the best for the soon to be elected new Website Editor. And all the best for 2020 to all of you!

November 2019
Don’t forget about EAACI patients and the patient portal: This is yet another EAACI online resource which is developing all the time and worth a revisit.

October 2019
New content and a new visual look for the Task Forces page can be found at: I encourage you to visit and leave your feedback about which topics you find interesting and important.

September 2019
I always like to remind you about the JOB CENTER which is open – for free – all the time. If you would like to advertise a position in the immunology field, please submit details on the site: [Only ads from industry will not be accepted].

August 2019
Finally, our website has once again been classified as a very trustful source of information for users, and our HONcode certificate has been renewed for another year. Congratulations to all who have been working to ensure the website’s continuing success and helped to earn this recognition.

July 2019
If you’re not already a regular visitor, I warmly encourage you to have a look at the Media Library: You’ll find webcasts, presentations and interviews recorded during Congresses (on EAACI TV) as well as at other EAACI meetings. Besides that, you can also search for e-posters, abstracts, books, guidelines, consensus documents, position papers and newsletters.

June 2019
Don’t forget that you can find all the information you need about EAACI events on the website. And if you missed a presentation at the EAACI Congress 2019 in Lisbon, go to the EAACI Media Library and search for it there.  

May 2019
All EAACI position papers can be found in the EAACI Media Library. You can also look at: to see news about ongoing Task Forces.

April 2019
The EAACI website is always changing! In the last few months, it has got another new look and a few things worth highlighting include:
• the comprehensive and easy to use upper menu panel
• the easy to access boxes with fresh information about upcoming events
• the quick access icons which will help you to go to the most visited webpages
• the list of top stories and scientific highlights
Simpler? Lighter? Better? We think so.

March 2019

The EAACI website has changed again! We work constantly to provide you with the best information platform that we can. In fact, new tools and content are being developed and implemented all year round and our target for 2019 is to keep the website as informative as possible, whilst also being very easy to navigate and not too overcrowded.

February 2019
Let me highlight some of the more recent achievements:
1. The new EAACI Patients’ website is finally online. Do check it out:
2. The Media Library – where you can find videos, webcasts and interviews recorded during Congresses as well as at other EAACI meetings – is still growing. See:
3. Details about EAACI events are updated all the time, including information about next year’s Congress. See:
4. The EAACI Job Center – where you can advertise or look for a position in the immunology field for free – is open. See: [Please note: ads from industry are not accepted]
5. A new page has been created for EAACI Position Papers. See:

The new EAACI Patients’ website is finally online! Do check it out:
On the site, you’ll find a lot of useful information including: testimonials, the Junior Member Research and Clinical Blog, many resources including educational films, the Global Atlases, and the ‘Allergen Immunotherapy’ and ‘Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis’ guidelines.
In the news section, you can read position papers or joint projects, e.g. the Worldwide Map of Pollen Monitoring Stations, articles on pollution and asthma written by experts from EAACI and the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (AAAI), and more. Additionally, we have also summarised information about the EAACI Patients Organisation Committee.

Last updated 15 June 2020
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