Exam Committee

RFH 1116

The Exam Committee

  Knut Brockow
Committee Chair
Knut Brockow

Stefano del Giacco
VP Education & Specialty
Stefano del Giacco

Stefanie Eyerich
Immunology Section
Stefanie Eyerich
Pediatric Section
Stefania Arasi
  Antonella Cianferoni website
Eosinophilic Esophagitis WG
Antonella Cianferoni
Elisa Boni2
Insect Venom
Hypersensitivity WG
Elisa Boni

Ocular Allergy WG
Vibha Sharma
Suojalehto Hille
Environmental and
Occupational Allergy WG
Hille Suojalehto  
  Jordina BELMONTE
Aerobiology and Pollution WG
Jordina Belmonte
Joana Vite
Infections WG
Joana Vitte
Ludger Klimek
ENT Section
Ludger Klimek
 roy gerth van wijk
UEMS Allergology SB Chair

Roy Gerth van Wijk
  Umit Sahiner Immunotherapy Interest Group
  Paula Kauppi Biologicals WG
  Ahmed Adel Seida Comparative and Veterinary Allergology WG
  Jiri Litzman Primary Immunodeficiencies WG
  Illeana Ghiordanescu
Exam Committee Secretary
  Maia Rukhadze Allergy, Asthma and Sports WG
  Maria Marta Escribese Alonso Genomics and Proteomics WG
  Thulja Trikamjee Epidemology WG
  Norbert Mülleneisen UEMS Allergology SB Secretary
  Anna Bodajko-Grochowska
Epidemology WG
  Margarida Gonçalo
Dermatology Section
  Ibon Eguiluz Gracia
Asthma Section
  Alberto Alvarez-Perea
Food Allergy IG

About the Committee
The Exam Committee is a main promoter of bringing relevant knowledge and progress into training and education of allergists in Europe. It prepares, organises and analyses the annual EAACI Knowledge Test. This written MCQ-based test covers all relevant areas of clinical allergy and immunology and related basic immunology aspects according to UEMS European standards of medical training in allergology.

It is increasingly accepted by national organisations as a tool to define theoretical knowledge in these areas. It will help to further increase the standard of Allergology/Clinical Immunology in Europe, and facilitate the exchange of young people trained in Allergology and Clinical Immunology in Europe. Furthermore, EAACI members have the opportunity to use this Knowledge Test as a tool for self-evaluation.

A major task of the Exam Committee is the recruitment and creation of new, fair, relevant and selective questions to feed the question pool and to select a well-balanced mixture for the exam, which is created annually. New questions from EAACI sections, interest groups and working groups as well as from new position papers and guidelines are constantly gathered, analysed and integrated into the exam and suitable literature shall be provided for those preparing for the exam. The outcome of the exam is professionally analysed with the support of the Institute of Medical Education IML Bern according to the most recent international standards of examinations.

Last updated 18 June 2020
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