Specialty Committee

The Specialty Committee is a permanent body of EAACI aimed at co-ordinating activities in Europe in the areas of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in allergy and clinical immunology. The committee also deals with other relevant problems of the specialty, including recognition of the specialty, free circulation of specialists within Europe, relationship of allergology and clinical immunology with other specialties, contacts with regulatory bodies, UEMS etc.


The Speciality Committee was created in the early nineties by the EAACI Ex.Com to join the 3 Allergology European structures:

  • EAACI, the European Academy of Allergology and Clinical Immunology
  • UEMS Section

The Speciality Committee aims to link these three structures to organize a fruitful promotion of the speciality throughout Europe.

The Specialty Committee interacts closely with the relevant Section of the UEMS (the European Union of Medical Specialists) and investigates aspects of Allergology as a Medical Specialty.

The Specialty Committee

    • Ioannis Moisidis