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09 - 11 June 2023 Hamburg, Germany

Weronika Gromek


Weronika Gromek

I am a fourth-year medical student at the Medical University of Lodz.

I have organized both Polish and international scientific conferences, participated in international hackathons, and completed many courses at f.e. Yale University. I have actively participated in 11 conferences in 6 different countries. My latest study will be presented at the largest congress of allergology in the world - EAACI Congress. I am also a member of the European Academy of Allergy & Clinical Immunology (EAACI) and the Polish Society of Allergology. In addition, I did my internship in gastroenterology at the oldest hospital in Portugal - Hospital de São José in Lisbon. I have participated twice in the Erasmus Plus program, and I am also a volunteer with the Polish-Ukrainian Foundation for the Development of Medicine, where I was involved in assisting medical students from Ukraine with their studies, with the aim of bridging the curriculum differences between Ukrainian and Polish medical universities.