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09 - 11 June 2023 Hamburg, Germany

Rachel Peters


Rachel Peters

A/Prof Rachel Peters is an epidemiologist and team leader in the Population Allergy research group at the Murdoch Children's Research Institute. After completing her PhD in 2015, A/Prof Peters was awarded an NHMRC Early Career Fellowship in 2018 to identify diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers for food allergy and the development of tolerance. In 2021, A/Prof Peters was awarded NHMRC CTCS funding (CIA, $2.4mil over 5 years) to lead the 5th wave of the longitudinal HealthNuts study which has followed over 5000 children since infancy. Her research program aims to understanding the prevalence, natural history, causes, and consequences of childhood food allergy. A/Prof Peters has published 84 peer-reviewed original manuscripts and attracted over $7.4mil in research funding.