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09 - 11 June 2023 Hamburg, Germany

Nicholas West


Nicholas West

Dr West is a research scientist focused on mucosal immunology at Griffith University and co-leads the NanoString Centre of Excellence in Spatial Biology, one of only 7 worldwide. He is recognised for his expertise in systems immunology, in particular leading the application of genomics and spatial transcriptomics technologies to study the immune system. He is particularly interested in understanding whether genomic / transcriptomic signatures can define dysfunctional immune cells and their role in health and disease to enable earlier diagnosis, improved treatment or identification of new druggable targets. Dr West takes a multidisciplinary research approach to understand the functional impact of environmental and host factors on immune regulation. These approaches are utilised with the intention to identify clinically relevant information across several human diseases, including type 2 inflammatory diseases, cardiometabolic disease, respiratory illness and infectious disease.