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09 - 11 June 2023 Hamburg, Germany

Maike Schott


Maike Schott

My name is Maike Schott, I'm a biologist and I'm doing my PhD at the Paul-Ehrlich-Insitut. At the EAACI congress I would like to present some work of my PhD project that deals with the evaluation of a cell based test system serving for detection of peanut allergen traces in processed foods. The test system is set up with the humanised RBL (rat basophil leukemia) cell line. In the huRBL assay the reactivity of human sera as well as the reactivity of Ara 2-specific human monoclonal antibodies towards extracted peanut allergens is analysed. Additionally, I'm happy to present data from Dr. Julia Zimmer (Clinical Allergology, PEI), that are part of the BSP163 project in which testing of allergen standards of Bet v1 and Phl p 5a (European Pharmacopoeia) were performed.