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09 - 11 June 2023 Hamburg, Germany

Aharon Kessel


Aharon Kessel

Aharon Kessel is a pediatrician and Clinical Associate Professor of Allergy and Clinical Immunology at the Division of Allergy and clinical Immunology, Bnai Zion Medical Center, Haifa, Israel.

Dr. Aharon Kessel graduated from the Ruth and Bruce Rappaport Faculty of Medicine, Technion, Haifa, Israel in 1989. He completed his pediatric residency at the Bnai Zion Medical Center, Haifa in 1995 and an allergy and clinical immunology fellowship at the Bnai Zion Medical Center in 1997.

As a clinician scientist he is focusing on Chronic urticaria, Hereditary angioedema and food allergy.

As part of the institute one of the largest clinics in Israel for the treatment and investigation of hereditary angioedema. Additionally, the food allergy clinic is performing conventional oral immunotherapy with children arriving for treatment from around the county.

Dr. kessel was the former President of the Israeli Association of Allergy and Clinical Immunology